Bolliger & Company (Thailand) Ltd.

Bolliger & Company (Thailand) Ltd. is a public policy and strategic consulting firm with a focus on research, policy formulation, and decision making. Our primary areas of expertise are in the fields of international trade and investment, economic and social policy, and business strategy.

Our superior technical skill, combined with in-depth knowledge of the business environment, enables us to provide fact-based, unbiased, and practical advice. Whether you are a private company wishing to understand the impact of public policy on your business, or a government authority aiming to design appropriate laws and regulations, Bolliger & Company has the experience and expertise to help you achieve tangible goals.


At Bolliger & Company, we know that people are our greatest asset because it is their passion, empathy and knowhow that form the foundations on which we build the long-term commitments to our clients. A set of core values define who we are.

  • We deliver professional excellence.
  • We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve more than monetary value from our Trade and Investment advice.
  • We work extra hard for public gains.
  • We understand the real issues, pursue truth with passion, and let results speak for themselves.
  • We firmly believe in the value of stakeholder participation.


Bolliger & Company will be a leading ASEAN boutique consulting firm bringing the global standards to the region and consistently surpassing clients' expectations.


  • We master the understanding of our client's market and regulatory environment.
  • We act as a conductor and medium between public and private sectors.
  • We draw upon all the in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience within our business, public and academic networks to maximize the value we create for our clients.