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Customised Training

What we do

         In a world of rapidly changing technology and business environments, Bolliger & Company continually strives to keep up to speed with and adapt to the relevant changes to ensure that we are ready and able to help our clients cope with any new challenges that may arise and remain competitive.

         Our first-rate training programs are customized to provide our clients with the skills they need to move ahead and achieve the desired outcomes, at either the organizational or the personal level.

         Combining theoretical knowledge with years of experience in solving critical issues for clients, our programs are not only guaranteed to be rigorous but also place great emphasis on applicability to real-world problems. The credentials of internal experts at Bolliger & Company are second to none. They have held teaching positions at academic institutions in the United States, Europe and Thailand, and have delivered talks at venues in many countries. The external experts within our network also come from a range of backgrounds that complement our range of specializations.

  Scope of Services

         Leveraging experience and specializations in many areas, especially in the fields of economics and management, we deliver training programs on issues critical to success in today’s business and economic environment.

Examples of available courses concerning policy-level matters include the following:

  Understanding and utilization of current and potential international agreements
  Trends affecting regulatory regimes and the business landscape
  Formulation of strategic plans, at both the national and organizational levels

         As far as specific skills for human resource development are concerned, our available programs include:

  Feasibility analysis and financial modeling
  Use of intelligence systems
  Economic impact analysis using computable general equilibrium (CGE) model and other appropriate tools
  Essential management skills such as leadership, project management, negotiation strategy and communication
  Capacity building

Success Stories

         A state-owned enterprise (SOE) had the responsibility of analyzing its own investment projects all over the country on a regular basis. It employed a large number of economists but they varied a great deal in terms of prior experience and capability. The SOE then approached Bolliger & Company to provide a training program to equip approximately 50 economists and executives with the standardized levels of skills to be used when analyzing large-scale projects. The SOE also wanted to enhance the staff’s skills in conducting market surveys and performing strategic planning.

Our solution:
         Taking into account the fact that our client was an SOE which was concerned with not only generating financial returns but also creating benefits for the communities nearby the various investment projects, our trainers came up with a method of evaluating the indirect economic impacts arising from the SOE’s endeavors. The method developed for this purpose is not standard in most feasibility analyses. We conducted a two-day training course to familiarize the client’s staff with the relevant techniques and trained them to be competent in performing the analysis.

         Part of the training program was also devoted to modules on strategic planning and market survey design.

         The program was rated highly by the participants. Approximately 50 economists were successfully evaluated by our trainers and they went on to analyze subsequent projects of their organization. The method developed for this particular case has been replicated for investment sites at many areas in the country.

For more information, please contact:

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