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Trade & Investment

What we do

         The acceleration of economic integration, as evidenced in the increasing number of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and foreign investment promotion schemes, means that cross-border transactions have become an integral part of the competitive business landscape. To operate effectively and competitively in an international business arena, companies must ensure they can leverage and take advantage of legitimate opportunities available to them.

         With years of experience in consulting clients on trade and investment issues, our dedicated team is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to provide a full range of strategic advisory services for clients engaged in all facets of international business.

         In addition to serving private companies, we have assisted a large number of government agencies in analyzing the impact of trade and investment policy on sectors associated with their roles and responsibilities and on their organization.

  Scope of Services

         We have cultivated a number of close contacts with relevant government authorities in Thailand and continue to expand our network of trade and investment experts across South East Asia. This strengthens our ability to provide a wide range of services. Our coverage includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  Studying the impact of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and other trade and investment policies
  Providing negotiation strategy for government agencies responsible for international cooperation
  Establishing comprehensive tariff databases of Thailand’s main trading partners
  Identifying investment opportunities in ASEAN member countries, especially in CLMV (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam)
  Establishing supply-chain optimization plan
  Advising on the frontiers of each FTAs as suitable for each client’s business operations as well as providing solutions for obtaining benefits under each FTA
  Compiling trade and investment regulations, investment promotion schemes and costs of doing business in clients’ potential investment destination
  Establishing policy-recommendation papers, focusing on the socio-economic impact of trade related matters

Success Stories

         A world leading manufacturer and importer was seeking to exploit tariff reduction privileges for its products through Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) as well as to plan its supply chain utilization in order to minimize costs. To this end, the company approached Bolliger & Company to assist in conducting a study of FTA tariff preferences and costs associated with different options regarding production sites and market destinations.

Our solution:
         We conducted a detailed comparative analysis of preferential tariff rates under the FTAs entered into between Thailand and its trade partners, as well as of the costs associated with different production sites and markets. The analysis covered various scenarios taking account of tariff rates, material sources, and logistics costs and times, among other factors.

         The findings of the analysis enabled the client to effectively utilize the FTA privileges to reduce import duty and optimize its supply chain in a way that saved both costs and time.

For more information, please contact:

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