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Public Engagement

What we do

         Public engagement is at the core of Bolliger & Company. We firmly believe in the value of stakeholder participation.

         Whether as a means to hear the voice of society or a means to get our client’s voice heard, it is a value we hold in the highest regard. For government authorities, the involvement of stakeholders in decision-making processes is considered essential nowadays. For private organizations, it is an important part of corporate social responsibility (CSR). For either group of parties, we are here to offer highly-informed advisory services and/or provide a full engagement process.

        Bolliger & Company extensive experience of raising public awareness on various policy and regulatory issues. Over the past several years, over 13,000 people have participated in public awareness and stakeholder events organized by our company. An online registration system, developed in-house, helps our clients run large-scale seminars in a smooth and efficient manner.

  Scope of Services

         We are specialized in a wide range of techniques and formats used in public engagement. Depending on each clients’ specific requirements and budget, we can provide one or more of the following services as deemed most suitable for the issues at hand.

  Public hearing
  Large-scale seminar
  Focus group
  Workshop and consultation
  One-on-one interviews
  Online survey of opinions

         Our databases of stakeholders, which is drawn from many industries and disciplines, enables us to target the audience/community that is most relevant to the objective of the organizations we work with.

Success Stories

         After engaging Bolliger & Company to study the commitment of ASEAN member countries to a certain agreement under ASEAN cooperation and to evaluate the readiness of Thai SMEs to honor such an agreement, the client intended to raise awareness and disseminate knowledge to Thai entrepreneurs regarding collaboration among ASEAN countries.

Our solution:
         We first performed impact analysis to identify the effects of such an agreement on Thai SMEs and then reported the results in an easy-to-understand format. Utilizing expertise in stakeholder engagement, we organized focus groups and seminars to disseminate the findings in various regions of Thailand. Our production team was also engaged to produce materials that promoted the findings.

        The focus groups and seminars were highly successful with approximately 700 participants turning up to the events across the country. In addition to being equipped with detailed analysis with regard to Thailand’s commitment to the agreement and with policy recommendations, the client received positive feedback from the general public and the events were covered widely in the media.

For more information, please contact:

Rachda Chiasakul, Ph.D. | Partner | Managing Director
Tel. +66(0) 2 230 6388 | Fax. +66(0) 2 230 6333


No. 98 Sathorn Square Office Tower, 31st Floor, Room No. 3107 North Sathorn Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
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Fax : +66(0) 2 230 6333
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