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Supply Chain

What we do

         Effective and efficient supply chain management is a key factor for business success, particularly in the face of increasingly intense international competition. At Bolliger & Company, we understand that managing a company's supply chain effectively requires due consideration of the competition, economic situation and regulatory landscape.

         We can align your global supply chain with our customs and international trade expertise to deliver tailored business solutions that create added value and sustainable competitive advantages for your business.

         With a proven track record that covers multiple industries, we have the hands-on experience and in-depth insights to help you elaborate an optimal plan that will maximize tax savings and enhance operational efficiency across trade blocs.   With our expertise, the global supply chain need no longer be complicated for your company.

  Scope of Services

         Drawing from years of experience, we work closely with our clients on various types of supply chain planning. Our practice includes but is not limited to:

  Supply chain planning and strategies
  Customs & tax privileges study
  Customs tariff classification
  Duty and tax implications on contemplated business scenarios
  Duty and cost saving opportunities
  Redesign of business process and supply chain to align with future business change
  Improvement of inventory control system and realignment of inventory ownership
  Simplification of business transactions and processes
  Foreign Investment planning and implementation
  Review of business operations and documents for compliance with Customs and other regulatory requirements

Success Stories
Case A

         A world leading tobacco manufacturer and importer wished to exploit tariff reduction privileges for its products through Free Trade Agreements (FTAs). To this end, they approached us to assist in conducting a comprehensive comparative study of FTA tariff preferences and rules of origin.

Our solution:
         We conducted a detailed comparative analysis on preferential tariff rates of tobacco products under all FTAs entered into between Thailand and its trade partners. The analysis covered import tariff rates applied by Thailand and those applied by trade partners at the time of exporting to their countries, in-quota tariff rates, out-quota tariff rates, and rules of origin requirements.

         The findings of the comparative analysis enabled the client to effectively utilize the FTA privileges to save import duty and tax when importing and exporting to various countries.

Case B

         A joint venture automotive manufacturer was contemplating certain business scenarios involving the utilization of a customs bonded warehouse and/or a Customs Free Zone as an ASEAN hub for part sourcing from local and overseas vendors, as well as for manufacturing and distributing the goods in Thailand and other ASEAN countries. The client's aims were to minimize potential duty and tax, expedite the customs clearance process, and effectively manage inventory control.

Our solution:
         We gathered facts on each contemplated business scenario and provided an analysis of their duty and VAT implications to determine which scenario allowed the client to enjoy maximum operational cost reduction. We also identified the relevant customs regulations and requirements with which the client must comply under these business scenarios, and finally introduced alternative business models for their consideration.

         The client has a better understanding and awareness of all of the risks involved in each business scenario, allowing the client to select the optimal business model which ensures smooth supply chain operation with reduced cost and saved time.

For more information, please contact:

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