What we do

         Private companies turn to us when they need a strategy that can help them react to changes in the business landscape. Government agencies seek our advice when they would like to create better policy.

         Numerous assignments addressing business-critical issues have furnished us with substantial knowledge of a variety of industries in Thailand, including automotive, machinery, chemical, and information technology, among others. Our ability to gather in-depth data and to perform rigorous analysis has gained us a reputation for integrity as well as adding strength and credibility to our policy recommendations.

         We believe that every question asked by our clients is unique. That is why, even though we are already equipped with solid research tools, we always go one step further by developing and bringing in new approaches that best fit the specific objectives of each client.

  Scope of Services

         Representing a broad base of expertise, our consultants are drawn from such diverse backgrounds as academia, management consulting, market research, and real sector. Combining different skills and knowhow, we have a proven track record of helping clients on a large number of issues. Our practice includes, but is not limited to, the following:

For Business entities

  Feasibility analysis
  Market survey
  Strategic planning
  Business modeling
  Trade and investment schemes

For Government authorities

  Design of public policy
  Economic and social impact of laws and regulations
  International trade and investment policy
  Public awareness and stakeholder engagement
  FTA Negotiation strategy

Success Stories
Case A

         A large automobile company was considering whether to establish a production plant in Thailand. Previously, the client's products had been manufactured abroad and imported into Thailand. The client was interested in knowing whether it would be financially feasible to manufacture cars domestically and whether the customers' perception toward the brand would be affected

Our solution:
         We developed an econometric model to forecast sales if the production site were to be established, taking into account various factors such as past sales, possibility of price reduction, and brand image, among others. Incorporating this with financial modeling, we advised the client to proceed with the factory establishment.

         The client agreed with our recommendation and has started the internal process to implement their plan.

Case B

         A government authority engaged us to study the commitment of ASEAN member countries to certain agreements under the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and to evaluate the readiness of Thai SMEs to such agreement. The client also intended to raise awareness and disseminate knowledge regarding the AEC to Thai entrepreneurs and general public.

Our solution:
         We performed impact analysis to identify the effects of the AEC on Thai SMEs and their readiness to enter the AEC. Utilizing expertise in stakeholder engagement, we organized focus groups and seminars to disseminate research findings in various regions of Thailand.

         The focus groups and seminars were highly successful with nearly 700 participants turning up to the events across the country. The client was also equipped with detailed analysis with regard to Thailand's commitment to the AEC and with policy recommendations on how to mitigate impact on the private sector.

For more information, please contact:

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Sarut Wittayarungruangsri, Ph.D. | Senior Manager, Advisory Group
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