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         In general, Bolliger & Company (Thailand) Ltd. does not collect individual recognizable information ("Information"). However, Bolliger & Company (Thailand) Ltd. will collect the Information at this site on the conditions that your web browser furnishes the Information to our web server e.g., the site from which you linked or the identity of your Internet Service Provider, and you furnishes the Information to us, whether in an email message or any other means to this web site. In addition, Bolliger & Company (Thailand) Ltd. will use the Information only for particular purpose according to your submission. However, Bolliger & Company (Thailand) Ltd. may use the Information from this site in an accumulated form.

         The use of a "cookie" has raised significant privacy concerns. Cookies are not currently used in Bolliger & Company (Thailand) Ltd. web site. Nevertheless, we may use cookies in the future. A Cookie is recognized by most browsers when a cookie is offered with the option in permitting you to receive it. The Help Function of most of the browsers will provide information on preventive measures of accepting a cookie, how to identify whether you have received a cookie and the measures to disable them completely. If you refuse cookies, there is a likelihood that some areas of web sites that use cookies will not function appropriately when you view the web site.

         Bolliger & Company (Thailand) Ltd. reserves the right to amend this privacy notice at any time by placing a new privacy notice at this location.

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